New Song: Backstreet Boys, 'One Phone Call'

Listen to "One Phone Call," the new song from Backstreet Boys.

This call is coming from inside... YOUR HEART. Listen to Backstreet Boys' new single, "One Phone Call."

You know that whole "Fill out your emergency contact info" thing you do every time you start a new job or return to school? Well, thank God I got that out of the way three weeks BEFORE hearing the latest single from Backstreet Boys, "One Phone Call" -- which the band uploaded onto Soundcloud over the weekend -- because instead of writing down "Name: Boyfriend McLastingname / Relationship: Boyfriend," I probably woulda excitedly scrawled "Name: THE BACKSTREET BOYS. ALL OF 'EM. / Relationship: ...Don't worry about it."

Listen to Backstreet Boys' "One Phone Call" after the jump.

Cowritten by singer-songwriter Morgan Taylor Reid and, according to BuzzFeed Music, BSB's own selfie-master Howie Dorough (!), the lyrics play with the whole "one phone call" thing when you're thrown behind bars... at least in every movie and TV show we've ever seen. "I'm gonna leave my message at the tone," the lyrics say, "Begging, pretty baby, please come home / 'Cause you'll always be my one / Always be my one phone call." If the iconic boy band's "The Call" was the pre-getting into trouble voicemail, this is definitely the morning-after mea culpa. Well, AJ/Nick/Howie/Kevin/Brian, if she doesn't forgive you, you know where to find us -- waiting outside the Best Buy at Houston and Broadway for In a World Likes This to come out on July 30 and ignoring everyone who frustratedly shouts "JUST ORDER IT ONLINE."

+ Listen to Backstreet Boys' "One Phone Call."

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