New Song: Ariana Grande, 'Baby I'

Listen to Ariana Grande's new song, "Baby I."

Listen to "Baby I," Ariana Grande's follow-up to "The Way."

Look, it's not as if stunning pop chanteuse Ariana Grande just materialized out of nowhere, but let's just say that I certainly didn't expect Cat Valentine (from Nickelodeon's "Victorious") to slay the music game dead with her Mac Miller-assisted "The Way" (which just so happens to be permanently rotating on my gym mix AND my "Summer BBQs mix). And while "The Way" set the bar pretty high for Ariana, I'm suuuper pumped to say that her latest single, "Baby I," sets the bar EVEN HIGHER (and is obviously the new front-runner to both aforementioned mixes).

Listen to Ariana Grande's "Baby I" after the jump.

Set to a syncopated, breezy, summery, R&B-tinged beat (with just enough pop sparkle to be an appropriate follow up to "The Way"), "Baby I" leaves ample room for Ariana's wispy vocals to slink around as she coos, "When I try to explain it/ I be sounding insane/ The words don’t ever come out right/ I get all tongue tied (and twisted)/ I can't explain what I’m feeling/ So I say baby baby, baby." (Anyone else hearing those no-joke Mariah Carey-esque runs or thinking of Brandy's 1995 hit "Baby"?)

Anyway, while we do kinda miss the whole "musical sexual tension" thing going on between Ariana and Mac in "The Way" (don't tell me you didn't feel it), "Baby I" is a MORE than worthy follow-up.

Listen to Ariana Grande's "Baby I."

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