It’s Selena Gomez’s 21st Birthday! Celebrate With Our Retrospective Of 21 Flawless Selena Photos!

We’ve compiled 21 flawless photos of Selena Gomez in honor of her 21st birthday. HBD BB!

Have you been out and about yet today? Notice anything unusual, like that people were nicer, the birds sang more beautifully, and the morning dew glistened like never before? Well in case it isn’t SUPER OBVIOUS, that’s because today is Selena Gomez’s 21st birthday! We know, we know, we thought she was an ageless corporeal expression of pure light and joy too, but she’s actually a mere mortal with an annual birthday just like us (which she recently celebrated in a balls out house party-themed video for her Stars Dance cut “Birthday”!).

Anyway, just in case the VMA nominee missed our contracted skywritten message over her backyard — “HBD SELENA. DO U LIKE US?  Y / N / M” — we’ve toiled long and hard to create the most flawless compilation of “Selena Gomez: The Career Retrospective” photos ever to have existed (like, from her earliest Disney days to her current “Selena 2.0” incarnation). Think you’re ready? Come and get it.

Slow down! The heartwarming nostalgia’s giving us a heart attack! (with Demi Lovato, 2008)

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They don’t call her Slay-ena for nothin’. (The MTV Movie Awards, 2013)

She took home THREE surfboards that night. Q: Who needs three surfboards?? A: A flawless goddess. (Teen Choice Awards, 2009)

Selena, what’s your secret to flawlessness? WHY WON’T YOU TELL US. (The MTV Movie Awards 2013)

Bow down to the birthday queen!


+ Watch Selena Gomez’s “Birthday” video!

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