Watch Austin Mahone Teach The Art Of The Selfie: Stand Back, Don't Pout, And Just Be You (VIDEO)

Austin Mahone teaches the art of the selfie.

Austin Mahone is a master selfie-taker. Watch the master at work!

Face it, taking a selfie is way harder than it looks. They're so many things to consider! Arm placement, tongue placement, whether or not your eyes are bulging, whether or not someone's secretly photobombing you... Hey, even if you're NOT thinking about those things before you take a selfie, now you totally ARE, right? And don't even get us started on the whole "duck face" epidemic. Well, in this day and age where taking a truly memorable selfie is more important than ever, fortunately we have pop singer and VMA nominee Austin Mahone to take us step-by-step through the art of taking the picture-perfect selfie.

Watch Austin Mahone teach The Art Of The Selfie after the jump.

Hanging out with us in the MTV offices, Austin demonstrated his selfie chops with an easy how-to video. "These are my rules for the selfie. If you follow them, you'll be a master," promises Austin. But will we really, Austin? Taking selfies is WORK. There's a lot of room for internet judgment, and we're scared!!

Well, fortunately for us, Austin's one-two-three selfie instructions are WAY intuitive. So, what's Austin's first selfie rule? Stand back, and don't show anyone what's happening up your nostrils. "Not too close, not too far, just right," Austin instructs. Also, arm yourself! "If you're trying to hide your arm, it just looks weird. People already know you're taking a selfie, so it's all right." #Phew.

As he sample-snaps perfect selfie after perfect selfie, Austin also addresses the very pressing issue of pouts, which we're interpreting as a thinly veiled request to STOP MAKING DUCK FACES, EVERYONE. I definitely don't like pouty faces," says Austin. "Don't do that. Tongue out, winks, anything [else]!"

But what's the biggest, most pressing selfie rule of thumb? Just be yourself!! "A picture says a thousand words, and selfies say a thousand words," says Austin as he implores us to photograph whatever we're really feeling. #TrueThat. Now, is it cool if we finish this lesson with Austin showing us how to take a selfie by standing behind us? Like you would in golf or pool? No? OK, FINE. Now, where's my iPhone??

+ Watch Austin Mahone teach The Art Of The Selfie.

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Photo credit: MTV

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