Star Spotting: The Jonas Brothers' Facial Expressions Are Our New Reactions To Everything! (PHOTOS)

Kevin Jonas does his best Robert De Niro impression.

Kevin Jonas gives a pretty epic Robert De Niro... if that's the look he was going for.

You can't always rely on Taylor Swift's famous surprised face to express yourselves, guys! That's why we're SO happy that the Jonas Brothers have stepped up and offered some new facial expressions to work with -- ANNND we're pretty much gonna use them to react to things all day, every day. While appearing on the LIVE AT MUCH television show to perform their new music (including "Found") and promote their new "First Time" video and forthcoming album, V, they also unveiled an equally new repertoire of facial expressions. Take, for example, Kevin Jonas' flawless facial impression of Robert De Niro. It's the perfect "I'm suspicious, but... I'll go with it!" look to throw around the next time someone offers you their seat on the subway for no reason, or when the evil-eyed barista gives you a free drink-size upgrade without saying why.

Check out more photos of the Jonas Brother giving good face after the jump.

Joe Jonas doing his best Zoolander impression.

Maybe Joe Jonas is attempting to master all of Zoolander's signature looks at once?

But the "Pom Poms" singers weren't through yet, as Joe Jonas later nailed his babe-a-licious take on Zoolander's "Blue Steel" look. We suggest using this look for your next gazillion selfies, ORRR you can give this face when you play "Fantasy Fashion Runway" alone in your bedroom while strutting to Beyoncé's "Grown Woman." (And now you're all fully aware of what my weekend plans entail.)

Photo credit: WENN