New Song: Annie, 'Hold On'

Listen to Annie's new song "Hold On."

Annie's mellow new track "Hold On" is softly blowing our minds.

Norwegian pop singer Annie's been gone for a minute, but now she's back with "Hold On," the aptly titled song (seriously, it's been FOUR YEARS since 2009's Don't Stop) off of The A&R EP, her upcoming collab with songwriter and producer Richard X. (A&R, get it?) With soothing synth heavily pulsing, yet airily floating through every inch of the relaxed dance track, we feel like it's the soundtrack to a nightclub scene in slow motion -- NO WAIT! A daytime yoga class in fast-forward time-lapse, kinda like that movie "Koyaanisqatsi." OMG. Koy-ANNIE-sqatsi!!!! #MindBlown

Listen to Annie's "Hold On" after the jump.

Much like our reaction to Annie's featured vocals on Ralph Myerz's "Take A Look At The World," we are TOTALLY entranced by this hypnotizing new song. Imploring a lover to not give up on a seemingly forgone relationship, Annie calmly sings, "Hold on/ Just as your love is fading/ Hold on," to which we reply, Annie, we never stopped holding on. (#NeverLetGo) She continues in the next verse, singing, "Thinking of you now/ What can make it better/ Make it OK?" Um, Annie? THIS. This ah-mazing new song (and the equally incredible "Back Together"), not to mention you saying that you're "definitely going to come out with two more EPs ASAP," have made this SO OK.

Look out for Annie's The A&R EP, dropping Aug. 5.

+ Listen to Annie's "Hold On."

Photo credit: Annie, Richard X