Video Premiere: My Jerusalem, 'Born In The Belly'

Watch My Jerusalem's "Born In The Belly" video.

My Jerusalem experience heart problems in their animated "Born In The Belly" video.

We've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but wearing it on the table? Now that's new. What kind of sides do you suppose it comes with? We never get a full look at the menu in My Jerusalem's imaginative new animated video for their song "Born In The Belly," but we're left hungry for more anyway.

Watch My Jerusalem's "Born In The Belly" video after the jump.

The song comes from the Austin quartet's second full-length, Preachers, on The End Records. It's a fitting name, because frontman Jeff Klein (ex-The Gutter Twins and The Twilight Singers) is testifying like a growling, sweating man of the lord here on the bluesy, boozy rock stomper. And "rock stomper" is just one side of the band's persona on their record, which was recorded by Spoon's Jim Eno; it segues from moody piano to sing-along rock hooks to blistering guitar. "Post-Modern Southern Gothic Soul," is how Klein describes it. Preachers has a vibrant, defiant energy pumping through its veins, which, incidentally, is the metaphor that's at the, ahem, heart of the band's latest video.

In the clip, hand illustrated and animated by Ilinca Höpfner (who's known for her pieces with Nick Cave and Grinderman, including the "Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man" video), we see Klein's experience with affairs of the heart come to life.

"'Born in the Belly' is a song about holding on to your dreams, desires, and ideals as we navigate through all of the crazy hurdles life presents us with," Klein told us about the track and its visuals.

First, there's the hungry beasts, ready to devour your emotions, then there's the burden of carrying a heavy heart up a vertigo-inducing flight of stairs, and finally, a heart that's just too big for one man to carry. If "Born In The Belly" sounds a little, how shall we say, on the nose in words, Höpfner's charming but believable illustrations give it a visceral feel that's all too easy to get lost in.

"I think Ilinca's animated short is a perfect companion piece to that. Hold on to your heart as tight as you can, no matter how heavy it can get," Klein said. "And don't let them eat you alive." We'll do our best, Klein. Get "Born" below.

+ Watch My Jerusalem's "Born In The Belly" video.

Photo credit: Traver Rains