Star Spotting: Please Take This Moment To Fully Admire The Carter Family (PHOTOS)

The Carters: SO PRESH!

Today’s weather is gonna resemble the temperature of a pizza oven in NYC, so nobody needs to see anything that will make them sweat even more than they’re duh-hefinitely gonna. So with that in mind, we recommend that you ONLY look at the above (and below) photos of the precious Carter family (that’s Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and baby Blue Ivy, HEL-LO) while firmly planted in front of an air conditioner functioning at no less that 8000 BTUs. Understood? Great.

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The “Rise Up” singer, Macklemore’s co-bromance partner (and 2013 MTV Video Music Awards nominee!), and the dopest toddler in all the land were spotted yesterday out and about in Toronto. Why Toronto? Jay and Justin Timberlake’s epic Legends of the Summer Tour kicked off yesterday in the big T.O., and Bey and Blue were on deck to cheer their No. 1 Daddy on! Speaking of which, how intensely do you DIE for this photo of Jay on daddy duty? If anyone ever wondered what “baller multitasking” looks like, this is pretty much it.

Hi, my name is Bey. Not ONLY can I pull off a onesie, but I have the cutest family ever. 

Photo credit: Splash News