Star Spotting: Justin Timberlake And Macklemore Tie For VMA Noms AND Handsomeness (PHOTO)

 Macklemore and Justin Timberlake are all Gummy Bear buddies right now, but let's see what happens VMA night!

Although we're always down for a game of "Who's the babelier babe?," that's not why we're sharing this Justin Timberlake and Macklemore selfie. We actually want to celebrate the fact that our guys are competing for something else entirely -- six 2013 VMA nominations! Who's gonna win 'em? THE. GAME. IS. ON! (Besides, if we WERE gonna play the "Who's more handsome?" game, clearly both gents would win because we are equal opportunity hunk-admirers around here, and, because, well, look at them! #Drool)

The "Can't Hold Us" rapper and "Take Back The Night" singer snapped the above photo, and Macklemore shared it on his Instagram along with the caption, "Me & Justin getting Froyo in London. Crunch Berries and Gummi Bears. This guy goes in." Clearly, they're total buds right now, but we're worried that once the big day starts looming and #theboys start comparing how many of the newly redesigned Kaws Moonmen trophies they both stand to win, well... We'd just hate for it to get ugly. No heated exchanges of "What goes around comes back around, Mack!" and "Yo, JT! I'ma take your grandpa's style!" Play nice, guys.

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Photo credit: @macklemore