Robin Thicke Has A Big... DAY OF VMA NOMINATIONS!

robin thicke vma nomination

Congratulations, Robin Thicke! You've got a big... DAY OF VMA NOMINATIONS!

Heh! You're laughing uncomfortably because you thought I was gonna say "Robin Thicke has a big d..." right? No way! That'd be NSFW! But sheer NSFW-ness alone didn't stop Robin Thicke from dropping one of the naked-est videos ever to earn three VMA nominations! No idea what I'm talking about? Then you obviously don't spend much time trolling the darker corners of the Internet and filth-ing up your Google search history (safe search WHO???) by searching "'Blurred Lines' naked version'" or "'Blurred Lines' unrated version'" or some other search string that leads to a version that got pulled down because it violated some old lady's sense of prudence. Because if you did, you'd possess an intimate knowledge of Robin Thicke's naked "Blurred Lines" video, featuring Pharrell playing air guitar and wearing a silver space suit and sometimes a straw bowler, T.I. featuring his quintessential T.I.-ness and a bevy of very bouncy, very naked (and very waxed) models sometimes carrying baby farm animals. It's like taking LCD and going to a strip club followed by a petting zoo. WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER DO!

Diane Martel directed the campy, bouncy (did I already say bouncy? I did, right?), cheeky (in every sense of the word) video, which earned three 2013 VMA nominations for "Video Of The Year," "Best Male Video" and "Best Collaboration." And if there were a "Best Video With Naked Models And Baby Lambs" category, then you know he would've swept that, too. Robin Thicke: controversial shunner of taboos, friend to nudity and baby lambs.

+ Watch Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video, featuring T.I. and Pharrell, watch Robin Thicke discuss his VMA plans, and congratulate him on his big... VMA NOMINATIONS!

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