Star Spotting: Please Enjoy This Relaxing Photo Of Justin Bieber Getting A Massage (PHOTO)

Justi Bieber looks pretty thrilled to be getting a massage.

Those are some lucky hands, caressing Justin Bieber's bulging back muscles.

First, please enjoy the 6,758,492nd photo of Justin Bieber without a shirt on. But, at this rate, you're already, like, SO familiar with the gentle curve of The Biebs' milli-pack abs situation, you're kind of like, "OK, so WHAT'S NEXT?" And we'll tell you: It's the 2013 VMA nominee's "I'm getting a massage" face! Because haven't you always kinda wondered what the hardworking Biebs (makin' fragrances, makin' new jams) would look like while getting a massage, preferably given by you? (We realize that last statement makes us seem a little gross and even more stalkerish, but we both know that hardcore Beliebers think about everything when it comes to their king -- and we'll leave it at that.)

Along with the above photo of himself mid-massage, JB aptly captioned, "Getting a massage watching the sunset not a bad evening." Add in some gluten-free pizza, and we're like, #DREAMNIGHT! Also, can you believe it's taken us this long to call out the lucky lady whose hands got to relieve the tension from Justin's shoulder muscles? Chances are she's a professional masseuse who isn't fazed by celebrities, but still -- UGH, LUCKY. Last thing: How long do we think it will be until we see "massage table used by Justin Bieber in July, 2013" pop up on eBay? We give it a week, tops.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram