Free Download: Against Me! Frontwoman Laura Jane Grace's 'True Trans' EP (NSFW)

Download Laura Jane Grace's

Download Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace's "True Trans" EP.

Not to sound like Sloth from "The Goonies," but we just have to say, "HEY YOU GUYS!!!!" Last night, Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace posted her new EP, True Trans, on her band's website, and now... COMMENCE FREAK-OUT. Wait, pause freak-out. This is Laura's first solo material since publicly coming out as trans back in May 2012, which is SO insanely exciting that we now feel SUPER bad about pausing that well-deserved freak-out. #SorryBoutIt

Download Laura Jane Grace's True Trans EP after the jump.

In last December's exclusive "House of Style" interview, Laura Jane revealed that her courageous coming-out decision "took a lot of building up to [in order] to put it into motion," and this life's worth of inner debates are totally present on the intensely intimate new release. The first of the two tracks on True Trans, "F***MyLife666," reflects a kind of teenage self-doubt -- which is heightened by the very AIM screen name-esque title -- that only someone who has been a young trans person uncomfortable with the identity could speak to. In the second song, "True Trans Rebel Soul," Laura switches from self-doubting to self-assured, strengthening young trans listeners everywhere with a truly empowering anthem.

Listen to Laura's first-ever solo release below.

+ Download Laura Jane Grace's True Trans EP.

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