Miley Cyrus Gives Us A Sign That She Still Loves Honey Boo Boo! (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is and always will be a die-hard Honey Boo Boo fan!

PUH-RAISE! Two of our favorite pop culture worlds have collided! During a recent visit to "Good Morning America," Miley Cyrus was snapped carrying a cardboard sign with "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star Honey Boo Boo's face on it! There just isn't enough "WAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" in the world to express THE UTTER JOY of seeing Miley embrace her support for the most loveable/talented/hilarz little American icon to ever exist! (What? Too much?)

Check out more photos of Miley Cyrus showing her Honey Boo Boo love after the jump!

You might remember a while back when the "We Can't Stop" singer admitted to being a HUGE fan of the reality show and even brought the LOLs with an impression of the little beauty pageant contestant. But this time, instead of idolizing Honey through imitation (the greatest form of flattery, obvs), she flaunted her love and support via a cardboard sign!

While Miley did get to score some QT with fellow GMA guest June Shannon (aka "Mama June"), sadly Honey wasn't able to make it.... and that's why Miley used this sign to start a GIANT protest in NYC. She even marched the streets chanting "Hey, hey! You, you! We want Honey Boo Boo!" J/K!!! We honestly don't know the precise reason why Miley accessorized with her Honey Boo Boo sign other than the fact that it's epically AWESOME and it has officially inspired us to spend the rest of our lives searching the internet until we can find one for our very own.

Miley Cyrus poses with Mama June.

Miley Cyrus and Mama June. What else is there to say?

Photo credit: Splash News/@mileycyrus