New Video: Fifth Harmony, 'Miss Movin' On'

Watch Fifth Harmony's "Miss Movin' On" video.

Fifth Harmony frolic in an amusement park in their new "Miss Movin On" video.

You know those "Expectation/Reality" GIFs? Like, the ones where your "expectation" for making a post-breakup entrance is Beyoncé flipping her hair on "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour," but the "reality" is more Kristen Wiig stumbling like a fool in the airplane scene of "Bridesmaids"? Well, "X Factor" finalists Fifth Harmony's new video for "Miss Movin' On" -- the first single from their forthcoming debut, slated to drop this fall -- is kinda like the expectation scenario for how we'd handle a recent breakup, carnival-style. It's like a SUPER-fun night out with the #ladeez -- even if the reality would be closer to clutching our tear-soaked, life-size Austin Mahone cutout on the log flume, LBR.

Watch Fifth Harmony's "Miss Movin' On" video after the jump.

The video sees Dinah, Camila, Lauren, Normani, and Ally collectively dropping their less-than-stellar BFs, and celebrating the decision at the nearby amusement park. From pelting concession stand cuties with popcorn to playing a particularly aggro round of bumper cars, the girls let off steam like the fun-loving ladies they are. And, true to the video's title, one of 'em even finds a new guy to go home with: a monstrously cuddly teddy bear. Oh, yeah, there's also the guy at the end on the ferris wheel, but -- sh-duh -- boys are dumb. Whaaat, we read it in a book somewhere. Or was it a sassy T-shirt at Hot Topic...

+ Watch Fifth Harmony's "Miss Movin' On" video.

Photo credit: Epic Records