Star Spotting: Rihanna Shows Off Her Diamond Grill, Plus Some Other Assets (PHOTO)

Rihanna shows off her diamon grill.

Rihanna's mouth shines bright like a diamond... because it's covered in REAL diamonds!

Rihanna wasn't J/K-ing about shining bright like a diamond -- HOLY BLING, girl's grill is BEYOND! (Upon our extensive investigative research, aka Google, those diamonds are cushion-cut, which explains why they're so sparkly. #TheMoreYouKnow.) But honestly, we were slightly more distracted by RiRi's two other GIGANTIC assets in this photo -- her equally glammed-out bracelet and chain necklace combo, obvs! Ummm, what did you think we meant!?! (Oh... Er... Well, ahem, those too.)

The "Diamonds" singer shared her sparkly accessory love on Instagram, coupled with the equally bold caption, "I'm an outlaw b****!!" We're not too sure what lawbreaking activity Rihanna's referencing. Maybe it's exposing those lethal abs via her ever-shrinking bikinis? Or, maybe she's referring to her naughty little "botanical" obsession? Orrr, maybe her IDGAF attitude now extends to breaking every regulation set forth by the American Dental Association?? We're pretty sure four out of five dentists would agree that skipping flossing because you're afraid of losing one of your gazillion-karat mouth jewels isn't the wisest path to dental hygiene. Love the grill, RiRi, but just know that we want you to stay... free of plaque.

Photo credit: @badgalriri

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