Star Spotting: Mariah Carey Got A Blinged-Out Sling For Her Dislocated Shoulder, And We'd Expect Nothing Less (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey got a blinged-out sling for her dislocated shoulder.

Hurt shoulder? No problem! Mariah's custom, jewel-encrusted sling is on the way.

Can we all just take a minute to give it UP for Mariah Carey right now? Girlfriend dislocated her shoulder on the set of her Nick Cannon-directed "#Beautiful" remix video, and yet she miraculously managed to pull her ish together to join the New York Philharmonic for a charity concert on the Great Lawn in Central Park! But did we REALLY think that the lady who renewed her vows in a FULL "Cinderella"-themed ensemble (along with matching outfits for #DemBabies) would dare rock a normal sling? NOPE. Instead, Mariah blinged her sling to match her ball gown, and it's obviously our EVERYTHING. Also, it probably belongs in a glass case at a museum. With a 24/7 protective detail.

The "#Beautiful" singer posted the above photo of her custom sling, and captioned, "It was truly an honor to perform with world renowned NY Philharmonic. In spite of the pain, I wouldn't have ever missed this moment. Thanks for helping me get through it and sharing it with me. Love, MC." Yep, definitely an honor for you to perform, and an honor for US to even live on the same continent as this STUNNING sling creation! In fact, we think Mimi's custom, jewel-encrusted sling may give Lady Gaga's 24-karat golden wheelchair a run for its money. Anyway, mazels on being mad "Triumphant," bb! And, don't you DARE throw that sling away when your arm heals! Actually, we hear the Smithsonian is interested...

Photo credit: @mariahcarey

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