New Video: Victoria Justice, 'Gold'

Victoria Justice knows she's "Gold."

Victoria Justice flirts with "Teen Wolf" star Colton Haynes in her "Gold" video.

We've been jamming to Victoria Justice's "Gold" ever since it dropped in mid-June, and honestly, if this track isn't on your go-to summer playlist (and your "abs workout" playlist), then you might need to turn up the AC to clear your heads. (They say people get delirious when they're hot, no?). Now, Victoria has just unleashed her adorable video for "Gold," featuring "Teen Wolf" star (and super smoke show) Colton Haynes.

Watch Victoria Justice's "Gold" video after the jump.

In the pink-hued video, taken from her forthcoming debut album, the "Victorious" star flirts her skinny little tuchus off with Colton. They flirt in a vintage car, dance outside said vintage car and twirl near said vintage car. Colton even does a great job of pretending he's into it when Victoria blows a bunch of gold glitter all over his face. (No way that's fun IRL).

Anyway, Victoria's new clip is about as sugary sweet as an any pop video can be, and if we didn't know any better, we'd say that she borrowed just about every outfit from Taylor Swift's sparkly dress collection. (Er, except for that pants ensemble during her light rap breakdown. Yep, Victoria did a verrrry tiny rap breakdown! Definitely happened.)

Watch Victoria Justice's "Gold" video.

Photo credit: Columbia Records