Star Spotting: The Wanted's Nathan Sykes Takes A Dreamy 'Professional Headshot' Selfie (PHOTO)

Nathan Skykes' "selfie" could actually be a professional headshot

Selfie or professional headshot? We can't tell the difference!

Isn't there some unspoken rule that selfies have to be a little bit less cute than normal photos? For one thing, you take selfies with your hand extended away from your body, so you're clearly setting yourself up for facial angle failure. Second, selfies are SUPPOSED to be "real life" photos, which means you probably shouldn't look professionally made up in them. RIGHT? Well, clearly the "look a little less hot than a photo shoot" rule does NOT apply to The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, who posted a selfie that looks like an ACTUAL HEADSHOT.

And sure, we know what you're thinking: Maybe this isn't so much a selfie as it is an outtake from one of the "Walks Like Rihanna" singer's many photo shoots. Yeah, that's definitely a viable possibility. But isn't it also possible that Nathan took this himself with his left arm extended away from his body? And it just got cut out of the frame? WE THINK SO. However we're classifying it, selfie or professional, the above image is certainly a study in exemplary jawlines and hair volume! (That hair is AT LEAST 1.5 inches up from Nathan's head, which is definitely at superhuman hair levels.) Also, Max may be the resident Buffalo Jeans Model, but this tooootally looks like it could be an outtake from a moody '90s Calvin Klein ad or something, right? (Hint hint, Calvin.)

Photo credit: Nathan Sykes' Instagram