New Video: The Julie Ruin, 'Oh Come On'

Watch The Julie Ruin's "Oh Come On" video.

The Julie Ruin get back to basics in their "Run Fast" video.

We're die-hard Kathleen Hanna fans around here -- after all, no music education (or gender studies education, for that matter) is complete without delving into the history of riot grrrl torchbearer acts like Bikini Kill or Le Tigre, both of which Hanna belonged to and helped found. And though we haven't heard anything from either band in some time, Hanna's nowhere done with her pro-feminist mission, which has taken new form in garage-punk/electroclash act The Julie Ruin, and a perfectly DIY video for their song "Oh Come On."

Watch The Julie Ruin's "Oh Come On" video after the jump.

Directed by Erin Greenwell, "Oh Come On" -- a cut from the band's upcoming album, Run Fast -- features the five-piece rocking out in a sparsely decorated room, which has Christmas lights strung up all around the walls to spell out "The Julie Ruin." (Etsy fanatics, please take note.) As Hanna and her cohorts sing-screech the words to "Oh Come On" and lose themselves in the song's sharp, distortion-laced guitar lines, the group's performance is intercut with quirky blink-and-you-miss-it shots of (what I like to call) each member's "Bitchy Resting Face."

Look out for The Julie Ruin's Run Fast album when it drops Sept. 3 via the band's TJR Records.

+ Watch The Julie Ruin's "Oh Come On" video.

Photo credit: TJR Records