New Song: Sampha, 'Without'

Listen to Sampha Dual's "Without."

Sampha's going solo on "Without."

You've probably heard Sampha's breathy baritone featured on songs by masked electro-guru SBTRKT. The British singer -- a producer himself -- dropped soulful lead vocals all over SBTRKT's super-great self-titled debut, and joined the musician on tour everywhere from London to Coachella. After tracks such as "Valentine," Sampha's 2011 duet with Jessie Ware that notched a million YouTube views, he's ready to step out on his own. He's got a brand-new single, "Without," and his debut EP, Dual, lands July 29. The talented 24-year-old's got plenty of other stuff on his plate -- like, BTW, producing Drake's new single -- but we're stoked he's taken some "me" time. Treat yo' self!

Listen to Sampha's "Without" after the jump.

Produced by Sampha, "Without" is an intricate song that captures the deep-voiced musician showing his range. Featuring an evolving beat that pokes and whirls from minimalist rhythm into a lush chorus, Sampha emotes from its center: "I'm far from perfect," he sings, his vocals impacting with a lifetime's power and the clarity of whatever frosty mountain stream SmartWater comes from. It's some smooth operating. Did we mention the guy's 24? He'll be our generation's Sade by 30, count it.

+ Listen to Sampha's "Without."

Photo credit: Young Turks Records