Watch Demi Lovato's 'Made In The USA' Video Preview

Watch A Preview Of Demi Lovato's 'Made In America' Video

Demi Lovato is an all-American lady in her "Made In The USA" video preview. 

The lead-up to Demi Lovato's video for "Made In The USA," a song penned by Corey "Chorus" Gibson and Jason Evigan, has been, well, A LITTLE ROUGH. And no, it's not like we didn't appreciate getting a glimpse of Demi's immaculately tousled hair in her "Made In The USA" cover art, or watching her handy-dandy lyric video (which was a great addition to our in-home Demi karaoke party, BTW). It's just that now, with the release of Demi's first "Made In The USA" video preview, it's like there are suddenly THREE THINGS TO TORTURE US WITH! But fine, at least there's Demi's hair.

Watch a preview of Demi Lovato's "Made In The USA" video after the jump.

In the 15-second teaser, we meet "Friday Night Lights" star Aimee Teegarden and "90210" hunk Dustin Milligan, who are looking extra gorgeous and extra in love. They spend a sun-drenched summer evening exchanging flirtatious glances, and just as we're about to see them smooch, Demi's stunning face pops up, which is, as you might've guessed, a totally acceptable alternative to seeing two cute people get it on.

Be on the lookout for the official full-length video (co-directed by Demi!) when it drops on July 17. Also, that's in six days. Which is less than a week. In case anyone is counting.

Watch a preview of Demi Lovato's "Made In The USA" video.

Photo credit: Hollywood Records