New Song: Mayer Hawthorne Featuring Kendrick Lamar, ‘Crime’ (NSFW)

Mayer Hawthorne calls on Kendrick Lamar for an assist on “Crime.” 

Our feelings of intense SWOON for Mayer Hawthorne are no secret (I MEAN, LOOK AT THAT PUNIM). And, aside from his spectacular face, it’s Mayer’s sultry, not-from-this-era vocals that really seal the deal. (Can you tell we’ve been trying to get him to date us for a minute now?) But seriously, after one listen to “Crime” — Mayer’s new Kendrick Lamar-assisted jam — it’s really hard to accept that Mayer just ISN’T and probably NEVER will be our husband.

Listen to Mayer Hawthorne’s “Crime” featuring Kendrick Lamar after the jump.

A track off the “Her Favorite Song” singer’s forthcoming album, Where Does This Door Go, dropping July 16, “Crime” is a lush, laid-back, guitar-driven track that’s the perfect canvas for Mayer’s “like buttah” pipes. He croons: “Just wanna rock all night/ Don’t wanna hurt nobody/ No need to be uptight/ It’s a crime/ It’s a crime.”

Kendrick Lamar’s laid-back flow is up next, as he spits about the ever-difficult task of bedding the hot chick: “Hoping I can make her mind change/ Jump inside my Benz/ Let me get it crackin’/ Conversation turn to plenty sexual frustration.” Ugh, that’s a tough one. Either way, “Crime” is definitely shooting to the top of our “play this over and over again” playlist, which, incidentally, does absolutely nothing to mitigate our dual faces crushes on Mayer and Kendrick. So thanks FOR NOTHING. (Well, maybe for the good music, but unrequited love still hurts!)

+ Listen to Mayer Hawthorne’s “Crime” featuring Kendrick Lamar (NSFW).

Photo credit: Republic Records