Watch Midnight Red's 'Take Me Home' Lyric Video

Watch Midnight Red's "Take Me Home" lyric video.

Midnight Red says, "Take Me Home." And we say, "OKAY!"

With their hard-partying single "Hell Yeah" and ABSURDLY pretty faces, we didn't put Midnight Red on our Most Criminally Overlooked Artists Of 2012 list for nothing. And look, we're not saying we hopped on the Midnight Red train earlier than most (RedOne's been championing these bros for a minute!), but we were into the L.A. five-piece BEFORE they got signed to a major-label deal, because, well, can you believe that just happened?? The boys just signed to Capitol Records this past week! Now, the fresh-faced, Taylor Swift-loving dudes are back with a lyric video for their summer smash," Take Me Home."

Watch Midnight Red's "Take Me Home" lyric video after the jump. 

Unfortunately this isn't one of those lyric videos that's kinda like a real video (you know, with a plot and stuff), meaning, we don't get to see Midnight Red's faces (though we do technically see their arms. What up!). But as their sparking pop jam (which, by the way, is the theme song to iHeartRadio's Coca-Cola summer campaign) plays in the background, we do see the song's lyrics written out on a note that is then passed around to tons of different people. "Don't keep me waiting/ This love is fading/ Take me home/ I try but it's not the same/ Give me your love again."

After being passed around through about 20 different hands, the note finally lands in the lap of a VERY pleased-looking blonde girl (presumably the song's inspiration??). She's all like, "Midnight Red just asked me to take them home?? Um, OKAY!!!" And we agree. Run with that feeling, bb.

+ Watch Midnight Red's "Take Me Home" lyric video.

Photo credit: Capitol Records