Star Spotting: In Case You Were Wondering, Rita Ora LOVES Free Wi-Fi (PHOTO)

Rita Ora wears her love of free Wi-Fi on her sleeve!

Rita Ora is SUPER into free internet!!

Look, we love us some free Wi-Fi like the rest of the world (there's nothing like a portable "hotspot" when you're stranded). But Rita Ora? Girl is wearing her love on her sleeve! LITERALLY. Or so says her totally rad, hot pink, green, and yellow "Free WiFi" T-shirt.

Word on the street (or, you know, per her Instagram caption) is that the British GQ cover girl was rocking her Wi-Fi-loving T-shirt while in the studio working on her second album!! To which we say, #PRAISE! And look, if wearing a Wi-Fi-centric shirt inspires Rita to sing more smashes like "Torn Apart" and "Shine Ya Light," then by all means, ROCK IT. Personally, we might feel more inspired if Chanel and Louboutin hand-delivered the 2014 Spring Resort collection to our work along with a tailor for custom alterations, but to each their own, right? Also, we wonder if that T-shirt comes with a Wi-Fi code? Because an actual Wi-Fi radiating T-shirt is seriously something we could get behind.

Photo credit: @RitaOra