Kevin Jonas Announces Danielle Is Pregnant! FINALLY!

kevin and danielle

Kevin and Danielle Jonas make it feel like the first time... that a Jonas Brother's had a baby!

First of all, major mazels to expecting parents Kevin and Danielle Jonas! Kevin Jonas announced that Danielle is pregnant in the briefest and most satisfying way possible -- by confirming it on Twitter!

kevin jonas baby high five

See? I love when celebrities go directly to the entitled gossip hungry masses (like me!) and throw us not just a bread crumb but like an entire baker's dozen. Also, sorry, every other girl everywhere hoping to be the first proud baby mama to a Jonas Brother. Kevin did it the old-fashioned way: He put a ring on it, made a reality show about his relationship (again, I feel entitled to that privileged information, so thank you for that), AND THEN got his doting wife pregnant. (All y'all still hoping to get k'ed up by a JB, keep in mind that there's always Nick and Joe, so all hope's not lost.)

I'm imagining Kevin and Danielle -- who, by the way are so cute that they're the only couple on Earth whose PDA doesn't make us want to find the nearest chain saw and engage in blood sports -- can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everyone and their mother (literally) will finally stop asking when they're gonna have a baby (and trust me, as a married person without babies, it's practically worth having a baby just to get everyone to STFU and stop asking when you're gonna have a baby. Mom, if you're reading this CHILL OUT ALREADY! Whoops! Made that about me again! Anyhoodles...) Kevin and Danielle, if you're reading this, please keep in mind that the name "North" is totally off-limits. Not that you would...



Photo credit: Getty Images