New Video: MS MR, 'Think Of You' (NSFW)

Watch MS MR's "Think Of You" video.

MS MR turn public access TV psychedelic in their "Think Of You" video.

What year is it right now? It's a question we've found ourselves asking more and more lately, as the referential whirlpool collapses further in on itself. It used to be that you could hear a song/watch a video and pinpoint with some degree of accuracy when and where it came from. But today, clips like "Think Of You" -- from NYC electro-indie duo MS MR -- give us a severe case of decade vertigo.

Watch MS MR's "Think Of You" video after the jump.

You know what? All that room spinning could just be from all the psychedelics we're on right now. Wait, come to think of it, we're sober as a judge -- it's just the video itself that's twisting our domes backwards. Beaming directly from the chintzy soundstage of a local cable access show circa 1977, the video, directed by BRTHR, is a jumble of public television tropes mixed with some devilishly fun special effects (although, to be fair, dubbing effects this lo-fi "special" might be pushing it).

The group, who call to mind a slightly hipper Florence and the Machine, clean up nicely when they're not in the midst of a rainbow-mustache haunted nightmare anyway, as you may recall from their MTV "Artist to Watch Live" performance from a couple months back. Or perhaps you've heard their recently released debut album, Secondhand Rapture, which has been garnering all kinds of props from places like Pretty Much Amazing, Consequence Of Sound, and All Music.  No props left for anyone else it turns out. Props drought.

"I still think of you and all the s*** you put me through," Lizzy Plapinger sings here with her heart-melting delivery. We have a feeling we're going to be thinking the same thing when we close our eyes tonight.

+ Watch MS MR's "Think Of You" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: IAMSOUND/Chess Club