New Video: Mac Miller Featuring ScHoolboy Q, 'Gees' (NSFW)

Mac Miller eats psychedelic chicken wings in his "Gees" video.

Mac Miller chows down on some multicolored chicken wings in his "Gees" video.

If y'all enjoyed Mac Miller sitting in the buff on his Watching Movies With The Sound Off cover art, then how'd you like to watch our favorite Pittsburgh rapper chowing down on some psychedelic chicken wings? Like, ones that turn purple and green and yellow and still apparently taste delicious? 'Cause that's definitely what goes down in Mac's "Gees" video featuring ScHoolboy Q, a track off the aforementioned Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

Watch Mac Miller's "Gees" video featuring ScHoolboy Q after the jump.

At the top of the ILLRoots-produced video, Mac's lying facedown on some trippy-ass grass (it's moving!) while spitting rhymes about his difficult childhood: "Hyper than Williams' middle son, since I was A little one/ moms had to put me on the Ritalin." Eventually, Mac finds his way up from the shaky greenery and spends the rest of the day tooling around a suburban neighborhood (which definitely includes hanging out on rooftops with a brewski in hand).

Later, Mac links up with his BFF4LYFE ScHoolboy Q, who has spent the day snacking on multicolored chicken wings, because, well, it's a music video and the bros can eat rainbow chicken wings if they wanna! Oh, and let's not forget the random, yet crucial interspersed shots of a talking praying mantis. Because obviously.

Mac may have previously said that "Gees" would feature an "evil" version of himself, ScHoolboy Q, and a praying mantis, but yeah, we're not sure this video is "evil" so much as it is "on an acid trip." But that doesn't mean we're not on board with it! But give us a little warning next time, would ya, Mac? Watching all that wiggly grass gave us legit motion sickness.

+ Watch Mac Miller's "Gees" video featuring ScHoolboy Q (NSFW).

Photo credit: Rostrum Records

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