Star Spotting: Iggy Azalea Looks Unexpectedly Sweet Eating A Cupcake (PHOTO)

Iggy Azalea eats a cupcake while visiting BBC Radio One in London.

Iggy Azalea eats a cupcake like a sexy BAWSE, because duh.

Hey, guess what? We just found out that having an "Aww" overload and eating too many sweet feels EXACTLY the same. And the above photo of Iggy Azalea looking uncharacteristically sweet while eating a cupcake is giving us an impressive sugar high. (Seriously, would you expect the singer of "P***y" and "Drop That S***" to look so girly and demure with a baked good??) Anyway, we're not sure what we're more excited about: the fact that the MTV Artist To Watch embraces carbs and sugar during swimsuit season like NBD, or that she just dives right in to eat the frosting first. (IMHO, never trust ANYONE who eats the cake end of a cupcake first. It's just wrong.)

The "Work" rhymer was snapped enjoying a treat while visiting BBC Radio One Studios in London, and we can't stop bowing down to the fact that the girl is a professional model (signed to Wilhelmina Models, FYI) and yet she manages to make an expression that's all, "Carrots and ice chips, who?  B***H PUH-LEASE." Mostly, this photo has validated our evening plans: Buy a box of Betty Crocker, eat every cupcake in the baking pan, and then burn off three or four calories by twerking out to Iggy's free TrapGold mixtape. (Sorry, y'all, but the gym just can't compete with an Iggy Azalea workout.)

Photo credit: WENN