Buzzworthy Obsession: A Great Big World, 'Everyone Is Gay' (VIDEO)

Watch A Great Big World's "Everyone Is Gay" video.

A Great Big World's "Everyone Is Gay" video is made entirely of paper stop-motion animation!

"Toddler & Tiaras" star Honey Boo Boo challenged (too far?) the world's philosophical thinking when she said, "Everyone's a little gay." And perhaps it was her nugget of wisdom that inspired A Great Big World's song and music video, "Everyone Is Gay." Er, well, Honey probably helped, but it was actually the creators of the website (an advice website for LGBTQ youth) who asked A Great Big World (Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino) to create what they dub "the gayest song ever." And judging by the band's flashy/colorful/SO MUCH FUN music video and equally playful lyrics, we think they NAILED IT.

Watch A Great Big World's "Everyone Is Gay" video after the jump.

Watch A Great Big World's "Everyone Is Gay" video.

We're pretty sure everyone WILL be gay (as in happy!) after watching A Great Big World's new video.

When A Great Big World calls their track "the gayest song ever," you might immediately expect the Rohitash Rao-directed clip to be packed to the gills with glitter, rainbow flags, and disco balls, but NO! Instead A Great Big World embrace the playful, yet powerfully poignant lyrics ("If you’re gay then you're gay/ don't pretend that you're straight/ 'Cause we're all somewhere in the middle/ We're all just looking for love to change the world") with crafty stop-motion animation of dancing construction paper art! WE REPEAT: The entire video is, like, THE BEST DYI PROJECT EVAR!

Dancing paper cutouts and a quirky melody aside, we're mainly obsessed with this video/song for its inspiring message: We're all different, but that doesn't mean we all aren't equal... So share the love! Let's cut out the hate and celebrate -- preferably with with some construction paper art!

+ Watch A Great Big World's "Everyone Is Gay" video.

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