Does Amanda Bynes' Blue Wig Mean She's Going Seapunk? (PHOTO)

Amanda Bynes is wearing a seapunk-looking wig!

Is Amanda Bynes going seapunk? Her bright blue wig says YES!

If you've been looking at the internet lately, surfing Twitter, or just generally breathing air, maybe you'll have noticed a little cyber-tornado in the shape of one-time Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes. And no, we're not pointing fingers or asking to be called "ugly," but we couldn't help but notice that there has been a liiiittle trouble in Amanda paradise since her "Amanda Show"/"She's The Man"/"What A Girl Wants"/"Easy A" days (we even made her a meltdown playlist to help!). And when we say "trouble," we mean bongs, arrests, twerking out at the gym, smack-talking Barack and Michelle Obama (and every other celebrity ever), requesting NSFW services from Drake, and most importantly, wearing wigs. Like, for example, today's bright blue, vaguely seapunk-looking wig.

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Now, judging by her last court appearance in May -- you know, when she reportedly dropped a bong from her 36th floor window -- it could be she didn't have much time to get dressed. Remember that mega-janky platinum-blonde horror show falling off of her scalp? Since then, Amanda has 100 percent upped her wig game (and maybe even her nose game?), because today girlfriend waltzed into court wearing a suuuuuper blue, fringed, potentially seapunk-inspired wig. MAN!! Just when you thought seapunk finally went the way of the Zack Morris super phone, it rears its head in the form of Amanda Bynes' head! Is she actually going seapunk? Is she gonna join a chiptune band?? Maybe get written up as a trend piece in The New York Times? Welp, there's only one thing to do. Stay tuned to her Twitter to find out!

+ Watch "Weird Vibes Ep. #14: The Year Seapunk Broke."

Photo credit: Splash News