2013 MTV VMAs: Get The Deets On Kaws' Brooklyn Moonman Redesign! (PHOTO)


Here's how Kaws redesigned MTV's famous VMA Moonman!

You THINK you know the MTV VMAs, but you have no idea... Er, sorry, does anyone say that anymore? Maybe I'm thinking of vintage MTV (you know, when "Diary" was a thing), but you know how we are -- out with the old and in with the new! Like, for example, out with hosting the VMAs in L.A. or even NYC's Radio City Music Hall, and in with touching down at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.!! And we can't stop/ won't stop there... In honor of moving the VMAs to Barclays, we decided to give the Moonman a little face-lift, courtesy of world-renowned New York artist Kaws. Known for his NYC-centric graffiti art and his collectable vinyl "Companion" figurines, Kaws kept the general Moonman figure the same, but added in a few "Kaws original" signature characteristics, like replacing the Moonman's helmet with skull-like bones and making "X"'s for eyes. #Freaky. Check out what else is new above!

+ Get pumped for the 2013 MTV VMAs at Brooklyn's Barclays Center!

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Photo credit: MTV