Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Is Seriously Owning Jazz Hands (PHOTOS)

Adam Lambert delivers THE ULTIMATE jazz hands (or just wants to show off them awesome rings).

If you ever wondered whether Adam Lambert would look like a total fool while making jazz hands, then the answer would be a big ole “NOPE!” Just look at the above photo of Adam giving some serious onstage spirit fingers! Actually, his gesture is so flawless, we’re thinking he should just rename the move to “Glam Hands.” (Totally trademarking that ish, BTW.) Now, wish us luck while we study this helpful (and yet INSANELY awkward) tutorial to help us nail the move just like Adam. *Exits while giving jazz hands*

Check out more of Adam Lambert’s stellar stage presence after the jump!

Go ahead: Zoom 5000% on Adam’s facial hair for proof that every follicle is perfection.

The “Never Close Our Eyes” singer was snapped performing at AT&T’s Live Proud Campaign supporting the Trevor Project in Los Angeles, where he not only delivered versions of Tears For Fears’ “Shout” and Bob Marley’s “Is This Love,” but he also brought THE BEST facial hair. No, seriously, every hair on Adam Lambert’s face is divine perfection. (Trust us, we analyzed each follicle with a magnifying glass and can fully verify this statement.) Anyway, these photos serve as another friendly reminder that Adam (1) is STILL a master performer/hair quiff-er, (2) continues to DOMINATE at everything in life, and 3) could even make Prancercising look sexy. (And that’s saying A LOT.)

Photo credit: Getty Images