Ciara Is Obsessed With Nerds, Puppies, And Butter Cake (VIDEO)

Find out what Ciara's obsessed with.

Find out what Ciara's obsessed with!

It's not hard to be obsessed with stunning R&B sexpot Ciara -- I mean, have you seen her "Body Party" video?! (#LegsForDays.) No, wait, have you seen her ultra-futuristic "I'm Out" video featuring Nicki Minaj? Or perhaps you caught Ciara and Nicki's "lady power" anthem live at the 2013 BET Awards? Well, our Ciara obsession might not be anything new, but today we're the MOST obsessed with Ciara's brand-new eponymous album, which just dropped today. And to celebrate Ciara's latest release, we caught up with our girl to chat about about the things she's obsessed with: things like nerds, sports, shoes, and California Pizza Kitchen's Butter Cake. *Or, as Ciara likes to call it, "food crack.")

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As it turns out, Ciara is obsessed with everything from typical girl stuff (shoes, nude lipstick, kids) to kind of adorkable things like... NERDS! "I love nerds. I'm really, really obsessed with nerds. It's the craziest thing in the world, but there's something about the glasses and the highwater pants... I just love all the nerds." (Um, does Future know about this?! Or, maybe a better question would be, does Future have a secret "nerd" closet?) And because she's the best pseudo-mom evar, Ciara also gushed about her puppies, Tyson and Georgia, saying, "They are they sweetest and cutest creatures on earth. I think all moms think that about their dogs. They're just so much fun and full of life." Find out what else Ciara is obsessed with below! (Er, and please excuse us while we hightail it to California Pizza Kitchen for some food crack butter cake.)

+ Watch Ciara's "10 Things I'm Obsessed With."

Photo credit: Tamar Anitai

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