Star Spotting: Rihanna Responds To Her Canceled Beach Trip With An Indoor Bikini Selfie (PHOTO)

Rihanna got swarmed by fans on the beach in Poland.

Rihanna got swarmed by fans on the beach in Poland, so she took her beach day indoors.

Hey, you hangin' in there? Everybody feeling OK? 'Cause it's been nearly an entire week since we brought you a photo of Rihanna (let alone given you a glimpse of her annoyingly toned midsection), so we can imagine it's been a VERY long Fourth Of July weekend. And sure, listening to Miley Cyrus' "Party In The USA" while you grilled probably helped the coping process, but there's nothing like waking up to a sultry Rihanna bikini selfie to start your week off proper, amirite?

After her "Diamonds World Tour" stopover in Poland, Jennifer Lawrence's bestie decided to have a nice relaxing beach day on some Polish beaches. But when the Polish contingent of the #RihannaNavy got word that their queen was spending the morning sunning by the Baltic Sea, they mobbed the beaches, consequently foiling Ri's day of Zen (and also probably her tan lines). Along with the photo of her safely tucked away inside, the "Stay" singer captioned, "Tried to have a beach day, that was a fail!!" Yeah, girl, sounds rough. But judging by your exceptionally relaxed stance, it seems like you're curating a lovely relaxing beach day indoors? Honestly, next time, maybe wear a high-necked one-piece and some sweats so nobody notices your sick body? Clearly it was a dead giveaway, and that's probably what started the commotion in the first place, bb!

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram