Video Premiere: The Bloody Beetroots Featuring Paul McCartney,’ ‘Out Of Sight’

The Bloody Beetroots fan the flames with Paul McCartney in their “Out Of Sight” video.

When you’ve reached “Beatle Status” — ie. that level in your career where you’re collaborating with former Beatles members like it’s NBD — we’d only expect the results to be, well, explosive. That’s exactly the vibe in electro-house/dance-punk pioneer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo’s (aka The Bloody Beetroots) “Out Of Sight” video, from his upcoming HIDE album. Featuring a guest appearance by the one and only Paul McCartney, the Charlie Lightening-directed clip has Rifo jamming out on guitar and drums, madly spinning dials, and subsequently generating all kinds of fancy pyrotechnics in his trademark Spiderman-ish mask. Meanwhile, Paul materializes to add in a few verses via hologram (which seems to be the way pop stars travel these days), and soon enough, the two have raised so much fiery hell, that we’re starting to feel a little hot in the collar over this whole church setting.

Watch “Out Of Sight” below, and look out for Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo’s HIDE in September.

+ Watch The Bloody Beetroots’ “Out Of Sight” video featuring Paul McCartney.

Photo credit: Ultra Music