Star Spotting: Harry Styles' Bicep/Tricep Situation Is Really Starting To Become A Distraction (PHOTO)

Harry Styles shows off his buff arms in New York City.

Don't blame us if we haven't done anything else today but stare at Harry Styles' arms.

Don't even try to get our attention for, like, the next gazillion days, because we are too busy gawking at Harry Styles' GIGANTIC biceps/triceps!! I mean, we knew that the One Direction member had been killing it with his boxing routine, but we didn't realize that Harry was actually stepping into buff Justin Bieber territory! Just LOOK AT THOSE ARMS, people! Anyone got a good guess on what the precise circumference of those things are!? We're here to measure and calculate if he needs help! (This is why having math skills is VERY important -- to measure boy band muscle sizes.)

The "Kiss You" singer was snapped traveling through New York City, but instead of chillaxing with some NYPD officers, Harry got bombarded by throngs of fans WHO ACTUALLY GOT TO SEE THOSE ARMS IN PERSON! We really have to give Harry credit for smiling the entire time, but on the other hand, looking happy all the time comes easy when you've been working out THAT HARD! (#Endorphins) Now, excuse us while we go do thousands of push-ups, three times a day, every single day, for the next ten forevers. Just hand us the TV remote first...

Photo credit: Splash News