The Buzz On: SKATERS

Meet Skaters, our new favorite rockers

Meet your new favorite New York rockers: SKATERS.

Our favorite thing about New York-based rockers SKATERS is that, well, NOT A ONE OF 'EM CAN SKATE! (Rocker boy irony is in full effect, my friends.) Michael Ian Cummings, Noah Rubin, and Joshua Hubbard, otherwise known as SKATERS, are a hodgepodge of members from various bands -- Cummings and drummer Noah Rubin are formerly of The Dead Trees, while guitarist Joshua Hubbard played in The Paddingtons and Dirty Pretty Things.

After releasing a five-song EP for free on their website last year (which earned them a cool 10,000 downloads), the trio are currently recording their debut album with John Hill at NYC's Electric Lady Studios. As in, the place Jimi Hendrix built. No big deal.

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Sonically, SKATERS fall somewhere between grime, grunge, and true rock, a hybrid genre they're personally labeling "Humblecore." Maybe we'll call it The Clash lite? With a dash of Devo's pop sensibilities? Well, however we choose to define them (and those genres are definitely subjective), the one thing we do know is that the boys' signature sound has landed them a hot deal with Warner Bros., who just released their debut single, “I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)," a U.S. tour with Portugal. The Man, a forthcoming tour with Britain's Palma Violets this fall, and a coveted slot at this year's Lollapalooza. Not to mention our unending respect for calling themselves a rock band and still wearing baseball caps. Way to subtly cater to the hipster crowd, fellas!

+ Watch SKATERS' "Armed" video.


+ Watch SKATERS' "I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How)" video.

Photo credit: Peter Voelke/WMG