Video Premiere: Asher Monroe, 'Hush Hush'

Asher Monroe keeps things on the low in his "Hush Hush" video.

Asher Monroe keeps things on the low in his "Hush Hush" video.

Former V-Factory member Asher Monroe performed his new single "Hush Hush" at the 2013 O Music Awards, and we were -- how shall we say this eloquently? -- VERY INTO IT. Now, the official "Hush Hush" video has dropped, and it kind of feels like we've been given the last and final piece of the "Hush Hush" puzzle, you know? (What? These things get very emotional for us!)

Oh, and in case you're feeling all like, "WHERE IS ASHER'S DEBUT ALBUM?," here's everything we've got so far: Asher's debut disc is reportedly 99 percent done, is due out later this year, has the Monroe and Alon Levitan-copenned "Hush Hush" as the lead track, was executive produced by Chris Brownand features cameos by Chris, Akon, and Sean Kingston. To which we say, #PRAISE.

Watch Asher Monroe's "Hush Hush" video after the jump.

Shot in Bosnia and directed by best foreign film Academy Award winner Danis Tanovic, "Hush Hush" features Asher making flirty eyes with a hot chick who just so happens to be driving the largest tractor we've ever seen. Asher follows his love interest, and next thing you know, he ends up in an abandoned warehouse (why do all music videos take place in abandoned warehouses?!) where he continues to search for his lady.

A few spontaneous rain showers later (a man's pecs always look better in the rain, everyone knows that!), and Asher's fallen for a new chick, this time a damsel in a Volkswagen Beetle. So, what does he do? Asher hops on his motorcycle and embarks on his next lady-centric adventure. Not sure how we can apply for the day job of "following every cute person I see," but if anyone knows, please hit us up! We already searched Craigslist, and nothing. 

Watch Asher Monroe's "Hush Hush" video.

Photo credit: Gomillion & Leopold