New Video: Fall Out Boy, 'Alone Together' (NSFW)

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together" video.

Fall Out Boy fight to escape their evil female captors in their "Alone Together" video.

Fall Out Boy's "Young Blood Chronicles" just keep getting #darker. First, Patrick Stump & Co. were on the run from 2 Chainz in "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)," then they got caught and tortured in "The Phoenix," THEN the boys sat down for a dangerously lavish feast with a hot girl death squad in "Young Volcanoes," and now, in their latest video, "Alone Together," FOB continue to get their asses handed to them by the same troupe of evil female captors.

Watch Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together" video after the jump.

The latest video from FOB's comeback album, Save Rock And Roll, the Donald/Zaeh-directed "Alone Together" features all five band members strapped to chairs and hooked up to various vintage-looking electronic devices. But this ain't no ordinary listening party. As the aforementioned troupe of leather-clad mercenaries visits each band member to check on / torture them, Pete Wentz breaks free by eyeball-seducing one of his captors, then brutally killing her. Gross, but now's his chance to escape!

A newly freed Pete runs from room to room looking for his bandmates and ALMOST manages to free Patrick (who looks THIS close to being turned into one of the Borg), but his luck runs out when a mercenary shoots a well-aimed dart at his neck. Ugh, SO CLOSE! Yet so far... Will Fall Out Boy ever see the light of day again? Find out next time on... "THE YOUNGBLOOD CHRONICLES."

+ Watch Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together" video.

Photo credit: Island Records