New Video: Fantasia Featuring Kelly Rowland And Missy Elliott, ‘Without Me’

Fantasia teams with Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott in her “Without Me” video.

Not gonna lie, I STILL think Fantasia was the best and most underrated “American Idol” winner of ALL TIME. I mean, that rasp! That vibrato! There’s really nothing to talk about. And while sales of her Side Effects Of You album may have been a little sluggish, at least Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott are game to show their appreciation by appearing on Tasia’s dark and steamy “Without Me” video.

Watch Fantasia’s “Without Me” video featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott after the jump.

Directed by Gomillion & Leupold, “Without Me” shows Fantasia — who is drenched in soft pink, blue, and purple light — nailing her choreography in a midriff-revealing top (you been crunchin’, lady!?!). Kelly, also rocking a seriously toned midsection (like, is EVERYONE on a juice cleanse?), dances with Fantasia — that is, until a tracksuit-wearing Missy comes in and takes over the whole damn show with some SERIOUSLY blinged-out earrings that make us wish we hadn’t thrown away our “big hoops” collection when we moved last month. All in all, “Without Me” is a simple, yet effective video, and honestly, we’re down with anything that might get the world to pay more attention to Fantasia. How a lady with those pipes isn’t Justin Bieber-famous, we’ll never know.

+ Watch Fantasia’s “Without Me” video featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott.

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