Star Spotting: I Think We Can All Agree Harry Styles Would Make The HOTTEST Cop (PHOTO)

Harry Styles

One Direction's Harry Styles could arrest us ANY DAY HE WANTS.

First, the bad news: One Direction's Harry Styles is not shirtless in the above photo. But now, the good news: He's STILL looking mighty handsome in a police hat! And police hats TOTALLY rival bare chest in our (made up) scientific study of boy band hotness. Also: Anyone else think that the police officer who let Harry wear his hat will sell it on Ebay? Because, um, THAT THING WAS ON HARRY'S HEAD AND IS NOW WORTH A GAZILLION DOLLARS. (Well, it is to us, anyway.)

The "Kiss You" singer shared the photo of his New York adventure on Instagram along with the caption, "NYPD are nice." The more we think about it, the more we're kinda loving the idea of Harry joining the police force. Judging by his his intense-looking boxing workouts, he's already in perfect shape to fight the bad guys, he'd look REAL GOOD in a cop uniform (obvs), and he'd probably have to patrol the streets, which means TONS MORE opportunities to see him IRL! But most importantly, he'd have a pair of handcuffs on him at all times... TO ARREST CRIMINALS! GEEZ, get your minds out of the gutter!

Photo credit: @harrystyles