Celebrate America's Birthday With Demi Lovato's 'Made In The USA' Lyric Video!

Watch Demi Lovato's "Made In The USA" lyric video.

Celebrate July 4 with Demi Lovato's "Made In The USA" lyric video!

Happy Fourth of July, #Lovatics! Got any plans for the day off? Maybe a beachside BBQ? A pool party? Some red, white, and blue fireworks? Maybe watching Music Independence Day on MTV? Maybe a little Demi Lovato "Made In The USA"/Demi dance party?? Maybe ALL OF THOSE THINGS AT ONCE? OK, OK, let's be serious: The only thing better than listening to "Made In The USA" on repeat would be watching Demi's new lyric video for the track, which takes place at the most all-American location possible: a carnival. Think: girls in cowboy boots, bales of hay, ferris wheels, striped tents, a broken down-looking jalopy, etc. Throw in a few baseballs, hamburgers, apple pies, and fried Oreos, and you've got yourself a bona fide state fair! #Authentic.

Anyway, have the best Fourth EVAR, eat ALL the corn on the cobs, watch lots of music videos on MTV (!!), and try not to spend TOO much time imagining what Demi's full "Made In The USA" video will look like. (That's our job.)

+ Watch Demi Lovato's "Made In The USA" lyric video.

Photo credit: Hollywood Records