Star Spotting: That Time Rihanna Met Jennifer Lawrence In Paris (PHOTO)

Rihanna met Jennifer Lawrence in Paris!

Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence: Two gorgeous women posing together. The end. 

We're honestly not sure whether to call "BESTIE ALERT" or "THE MOST GORGEOUS PHOTO EVER ALERT," but we have to call some kind of "ALERT" because, well, just look UP! Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna are together in the same image frame, which means they were together in the very same country and the very same continent, breathing the very same air. It's just TOO MUCH PRETTY to take!

So, how'd the professional crotch-grabber/hair-whipper and the Oscar winner end up in the same place? Per the "Pour It Up" singer's Twitter, Ri and "The Hunger Games" star ran into each other while going to dinner in PARIS! (Which makes so much sense since Paris is the "City Of Lights," and these two are LUMINOUS, amirite?) Rihanna captioned: "Bumped into the extraordinary Jennifer Lawrence at dinner! #Paris." UMMMMM, #Paris doesn't even begin to cover it, bb. We're thinking more along the lines of #Perfect followed by #TonedArms and #JEALOUS. And then maybe a quick #PhotoshopMyFaceInPlease.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram