Our New Obsession: Dogs In Music Videos!

Dogs in music videos is the next big trend! 2013 IS A GOOD YEAR!

Dogs as man’s best friend isn’t exactly a new concept, but dogs in music videos? Say what? I mean, we’ve always been obsessed with pop stars and their K-9 BFFs (like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Joe Jonas), but it’s starting to look like the new music video trend is putting dogs IN music videos (PAW-RAISE!), which, for the record, WE ARE ON BOARD WITH NOW AND FOREVER. (OK, so technically dogs aren’t singing and dancing like real pop stars, but it’s start! Also, can everyone just take a moment to imagine a real-life Justin Beagle!? AHHH!)

Now, we respect that some of you are total cat people (we’re looking at you, Taylor Swift), but for the time being, let’s put this dog vs. cat battle aside and raise our paws up in honor of some of the best doggie-focused music videos EVER!

Watch the dog music videos we are totally living for right now after the jump!

We just recently got our paws on Mayer Hawthorne’s video for “Her Favorite Song,” and while the title hints that the track is about a love interest, the music video tells a whole different tail (OK, dog wordplay ending now…). There are dogs playing musical instruments in this masterpiece — CAN YOU EVEN?

Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” is already our summer jam, but then the peeps ThePetCollective.tv rounded up some adorbz doggies to re-create their own version (which includes ingeniously true lyrics like, “I’m a puppy I can do what I want”).

Embedded from blip.tv.