New Video: Snoop Lion Featuring Rita Ora, ‘Torn Apart’

Rita Ora and Snoop Lion visit Thailand in their “Torn Apart” video.

When a music video features an IRL elephant AND two famous people lounging on the beach (one of them in a skimpy bikini), you know it’s gonna be damn good video. Especially if they’re doing summery things like playing in the waves, throwing back brewskies, and jamming to some warm weather-appropriate reggae. That said, it’s no small wonder that the “Torn Apart” video, from the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion) and Jay-Z-championed singer Rita Ora, is the BOMB. In the beachiest way possible. #WeNeedAVacation.

Watch Snoop Lion’s “Torn Apart” video featuring Rita Ora after the jump.

Appearing on Snoop’s 12th studio album, Reincarnated, “Torn Apart” was reportedly shot in Thailand. As the Major Lazer-crafted beat pulsates in the background, Rita and the Doggfather (Lionfather?) frolic on the beach and take a dip in the ocean, where Rita eventually manages to hop on an elephant’s back for a quick ride.

After a blink-and-you-miss-it montage of IRL Thai natives going about their day — preparing food, playing soccer, etc. — Rita and Snoop convene with a crew of indigenous dancers where they all shake it to the reggae-tinged beat. It’s pretty much your perfect “fun in the sun” dream Thai vacation, only with perfect bodies and probably a five-star resort to go home to when you’re profusely sweating and craving some air conditioning.

+ Watch Snoop Lion’s “Torn Apart” video featuring Rita Ora.

Photo credit: RCA