Beyonce Wore A Balloon Hat While Eating An Ice Cream Cone, And Our Summer Is Officially Made (PHOTOS)

Beyonce wore a balloon hat while eating an ice cream cone! Summer's here!

Beyoncé reminds us that you're never too old for balloon hats or ice cream!

You'd think Beyoncé would spend her summer lounging around in some private diamond-lined swimming pool the size of Texas while being fanned with gigantic palm leaves by a troupe of buff shirtless boys. But nope, Bey keeps cool just like us -- with ice cream cones in the park! Also, did we miss the memo? Are balloon hat selfies in now? No? Bey JUST MAKES balloon hat selfies the next duck lips? (We'll be over here counting down the seconds until #BEYlloonHatSelfie is officially trending.)

Check out more photos of Beyoncé rocking out her summer after the jump!

Beyonce wore a balloon hat while eating an ice cream cone! Summer's here!

It's completely OK to be jealous of this Mister Softee character.

The "Rise Up" singer shared her ice-cream-and-balloon-hat photos on Tumblr, and we seriously couldn't think of an image that screams "SUMMER!" more. (Well, that and her H&M swimming suit advertisements.) Now we're just wondering what it would be like to have Beyoncé as your customer if you were a balloon artist or an ice cream truck owner. If it was us, we wouldn't be able to function 'cause we'd be too busy bowing in the presence of THE QUEEN. Also: Just curious, is anyone else completely jealous that Mister Softee has lived our dream by scoring a photo opp with Bey?! (Yes, we know it's not normal to be jealous of a cartoon drawing -- THAT DOESN'T CHANGE OUR FEELINGS.)

Photo credit: I am Beyoncé