Star Spotting: Justin Timberlake Pulled An EPIC Photobomb On Pharrell At The 2013 BET Awards (PHOTO)

Justin Timberlake photobombs Pharrell at the "2013 BET Awards."

He can sing, he can photobomb -- what CAN'T Justin Timberlake do??

We're no strangers to an expertly staged photobomb around here. We've seen Britney Spears' dog pop up in her "Baby One More Time" album art, we've seen Tyler, The Creator photobomb fellow Odd Future member Taco and noted billionaire Donald Trump, we've seen Kelly Clarkson make a goofy face behind Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, and finally, we saw "Jersey Shore" star Vinny photobomb a bunch of hot chicks on the beach at the 2013 Hangout Festival. Now, please feel free to add this EPIC Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams photobomb moment from last night's 2013 BET Awards to your "Best Photobombs of Life" folder.

While backstage at last night's show, JT felt it was VERY necessary to photobomb his old pal and collaborator, Pharrell Williams. Let's just take a minute to look at Pharrell's face, shall we? There's a vast display of emotions happening here, ranging from scared to frightened to disgusted to shocked. Meanwhile, Justin looks like he's having an effing ball mid-photobomb, and we honestly can't blame him!  Because if there was ever a better way to say, "Thank you for helping me create hit songs like 'Like I Love U' and 'Senorita,'" then we're not sure what it is! Well played, JT.

Photo credit: RCA Records' Instagram