Star Spotting: Mariah Carey Lays In Some Hay, Because HAY, GURL! (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey performs in bundles of hay in New Jersey.

Mariah Carey's all, "Me performing on hay? Just another day at the office!"

We were JUST thinking about how disappointing this summer has been thus far, because we haven't seen any photos of Mariah Carey nestled in bales of hay. (What? We have very unique expectations for our summer...) And then, BAM, there it is! The only thing that would have made this photo even BETTER is if she invited all of her puppies to roll around with her (CUTE OVERLOAD). Also: Anyone reminded of that "Roll In Ze Hay" scene from "Young Frankenstein"? Or, more likely, wondering if Mariah hired a professional back scratcher for the day? Playing in that ish can be ITCHY! (Also, how does one become a professional back scratcher to the stars? Because SIGN US UP!)

Check out more photos of Mariah Carey playing in the hay after the jump!

Mariah Carey performs in bundles of hay in New Jersey.

Summer can be over now. Because here's Mariah's farm girl ensemble!!

The "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" singer had a "hay-day" (You HAD to expect that one) while pretaping a Fourth Of July performance with Miguel in New Jersey. Can you imagine how the producers must have "pitched" (MOAR PUNS) this idea to Mimi?: "So, Mariah, you're going to get dressed up like a sexy farmer's daughter, roll around in some hay, and sing "#Beautiful" while resisting the urge to scratch anything. Trust us, straw-chic is SO in this season!" But most of all, we're wondering if she'll replicate this moment during her BET Awards 2013 performance this weekend? She could even have sexy, shirtless scarecrows as backup dancers! Actually, that idea is incredibly creepy. Let's just hope she duets with Jill E. Bean (again) and calls it a night.

Photo credit: Splash News