New Song: Janelle Monae, 'Dance Apocalyptic'

Janelle Monáe isn't worried about the end of days in her new song, Dance Apocalyptic."

Usually when an apocalypse approaches, you might feel the need to panic. But for some reason, pop stars just never seem to mind. Prince didn't care on "1999," R.E.M. weren't scared on "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)," and now Janelle Monáe is ready to shake it to the end of days on her new jam, "Dance Apocalyptic," from her forthcoming album, The Electric Lady.

Look, we're not saying we don't like to dance, but if the zombie apocalypse DOES happen and the earth is shattering all around us, we're probably gonna try to find shelter first.

Listen to Janelle Monáe's "Dance Apocalyptic" and watch a teaser for the video after the jump.

Over a surprisingly bright and sunny-sounding beat, Janelle sings, "I really really want to thank you for dancing till the end/ you found a way to break out/ you're not afraid to freak out." The "Q.U.E.E.N." singer also talks about food tasting like plastic and shaking it like an earthquake (though she probably means it literally here).

Well, far be it from us to impart advice in the face of peril, but we TOTALLY agree with Janelle! We should ALL take up this carpe diem attitude and live like there's no tomorrow. Maybe ask out that long-requited crush, eat ALL of the tacos, etc. Well, that is until we're potentially broke, awkward with our friend, and full of fajitas. But, pfft. We'll just think about that tomorrow.

+ Listen to Janelle Monáe's "Dance Apocalyptic."

+ Watch Janelle Monáe's "Dance Apocalyptic" teaser video.

Photo credit: Atlantic