One Direction Get Cozy With Rosie Huntington-Whiteley On The Cover Of Glamour's Music Issue (PHOTO)

One Direction grace the cover of Gamour's Music Iussse

One Direction pose with a Victoria's Secret model on the cover of Glamour. #RoughLife

Truth time: There's just TOO MUCH PRETTY happening on the August cover of Glamour magazine's Music issue. For one thing, LOOK AT One Direction CUDDLING UP TO Victoria's Secret model-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!! Like, literally the level of attractiveness happening in all six faces is WAY TOO HIGH for our personal comfort. It's really a intense thing to witness, OK? We may actually decide to go to the gym on our lunch break. And then look at this cover again and die a little inside.

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Oh, and how could we forget the most important part of this whole situation? Which is that ALL THE 1D BROS ARE WEARING DENIM!!!? Is it a secret throwback to that one time Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore maching denim outfits? (I guess that means Rosie would have to be wearing denim too...) Don't know, DON'T CARE, it's too perfect. Anyway, there's no word yet on the "Kiss You" singers' accompanying Glamour interview, but we're definitely hoping the bros unleash even more deets on their upcoming 3-D movie, "This Is Us," and also maybe how Harry Styles plans to steal Rosie away from her big, bad, tall, strong boyfriend, Jason Statham. Look out for Glamour's August issue when it hits stands July 9!

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Photo credit: Glamour